Bathurst minor basketball

Bathurst Minor Basketball is a youth basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love of the game of basketball. It also allows participants to find fun, fitness, and social interaction while learning the game!



The Bathurst Minor Basketball program runs a total of 5 divisions.

Skill Development

Skill Development

The fundamentals of basketball are the MOST important thing to master because they will make you and your team better no matter what age level or team you play for.

Have Fun!

Have Fun!

The most important thing is for the kids to Have Fun and enjoy the game of basketball!

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Want to Learn?

Basketball is an excellent sport for kids to learn discipline and teamwork skills. Starting from any age children love to play basketball! Contact us for more information or view our registration form.

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Summer Skills Program

Our summer skills program is held every summer. We work on various skills at multiple levels. Contact us today if you are interested in participating.

Skills Program

One of the most basic and important skills that you must develop to be a good basketball player is the ability to dribble.

Dribbling Drills

You will need a basketball a hard surface and some chalk or masking tape.

Cross over and Two ball Dribbling

A basic crossover is simply dribbling from one hand to the other very quickly.


Set up chairs to dibble around.

Stance & Balance

Feet are shoulder width apart for good balance.

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